Get involved

There are a number of ways you can get involved with Housing & Care 21. If you are interested, please complete the online form or download the Better Together leaflet and post us a copy of the form.

Ways to get involved

Regional Partnership Groups

Each region has a group of up to 12 people who work in partnership with Housing & Care 21 to improve services. They look at performance information and how well services are being delivered. They help make sure customer views are taken into account when changing and improving services.

Time and travel – will require a significant  amount of time, including at least four meetings a year. Travel also required

National Committee

The National Committee works in partnership with Housing & Care 21, making sure customer views are heard when improving services. This group has close links with the Board and the regional groups, with one member from each Regional Partnership Group sitting on the National Committee.

Time and travel – will require a significant amount of time, including at least four meetings a year. Travel also required.

Locality communications

We want to help you to talk to Housing & Care 21 locally and have a more direct input at a local level, so we’ve been discussing with the Locality Managers how communications in your area can be improved. Each locality is very different, so your Locality Manager will talk to you about how this will work in your area.

Time and travel – Getting involved this way shouldn’t require much of a time commitment, but may vary from locality to locality.

Local Community Partnerships

Improving what information we provide to customers locally is also important. These will include details such as what services are available locally, guest room charges and what works are planned to take place over the coming years. We want to make sure we are clear and transparent about what is available where you live.

Time and travel – This shouldn’t require much of a time commitment.

Court Voice or Residents' Association

The role of the Court Voice and Residents’ Associations continues to be important and we are still keen to promote this as a way to get involved. The Court Voice is a resident who is willing and able to help with feedback and representing the views of residents. A Residents’ Association is similar but a more formal way of doing this.

Time and travel – both roles do require a time commitment for those involved.

Social Committee

Some courts have social committees set up to help organise activities on courts. Working with the Court Managers, this can be a great way to get social events happening on your court.

Time and travel – this will require some time commitment from those involved in the committee.


We want to give everyone the opportunity to give their views and get involved. However, we understand everyone is different and not all people want to get involved with more formal groups such as the Regional Partnership Groups or the National Committee. So we have set up a way for you to tell us how and what you are interested in getting involved in. For example, you may not want to travel to a meeting but would be interested in an occasional telephone survey; or you might be interested in attending a focus group on communications but not repairs.

Time and travel – as much or as little as you want.